Akanksha Raja

Akanksha Raja is an arts writer from Singapore with a background in arts and cultural management. She is currently Assistant Editor at ArtsEquator.

Alfonse Chiu

Alfonse Chiu is a cultural journalist, photographer, and the editor of, Singapore's oldest active independent film publication. An alumnus of the Singapore International Film Festival Youth Jury and Critic Programme and the Udine Far East Film Festival Campus, his writings on film, art, and culture have been published in Singapore, Canada, and the United States.

Amanda Leong


Casidhe Ng

Casidhe Ng is a budding writer, performer and consumer of art, having graduated from the School of the Arts, Singapore in 2015. He has since written theatre reviews for Centre 42 over a period of two years, and dance reviews for The Flying Inkpot as part of their Critics’ Circle in 2014. His work has also been part of the literary magazine OFZOOS.

Aside from attending performances, he enjoys reading, swimming and watching films. He is especially appreciative of works put up by young and developing collectives as well as performances that push boundaries in theatre and art.

Jaclyn Chong

Jaclyn Chong is a Theatre Studies major at National University of Singapore. As a Southeast Asian studies minor, Jaclyn believes that a broader understanding of the arts will allow us to make sense of our cultural narratives and historical identities. Her varied interests from film to the visual arts also means that she has a penchant for interdisciplinary works of art, and she hopes to be an advocate for them in Singapore’s burgeoning arts scene.

Ke Weiliang

Ke Weiliang is a Saikang Warrior in the Singapore arts scene. He is particularly fascinated by things that challenge the authority of binaries, including (but not limited to) ‘good’ versus ‘bad’, ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ and ‘male’ versus ‘female’.

Weiliang believes that sharing is not just caring, but also empowering. He maintains a no-frills listing of Singapore theatre productions, which can be accessed via

Lim Si Qi

Si Qi is currently working for literary arts in an arts organisation. She graduated from NUS with a major in Sociology and minor in English Studies, and is interested in reading various art forms as a slice of culture that informs us of the society or the artist of the period.

Loh An Lin

Anlin is a theatre-practitioner keen to understand and to better our theatre-making ecology. She’s currently producer for Pink Gajah, president of The Stage Club, and running a monthly affair known as Need to Reply with co-founder Ranice Tay, which seeks to create avenues for young theatre-makers to understand the craft and the work from other practitioners. The latter has recently included The Puck Party, a sleepover and sharing session. She is also a bibliophile, and with a background in linguistics and fashion writing, she sometimes find herself writing 900-word reviews for friends’ productions before sending it over in private.

Teo Xiao Ting

This is Xiao Ting’s first foray into performing arts writing. Her experience with the performing arts thus far has mostly (only) been as an audience member, so she looks forward to learning different ways of engaging and writing about it. Prior to this, she wrote primarily poetry and won the Golden Point Award for English Poetry in 2017. Her work has also appeared in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore among others. She is currently working with photography and sonic narrative in her practice. Very soon, she will graduate from Yale-NUS College with a B.A. in Arts & Humanities, minoring in Psychology.

Valerie Lim

Valerie’s interest in reviewing dance led her to be part of a mentorship programme organised by The Flying Inkpot in 2014 and the Arts House Dance Critic Mentorship Programme in 2015. Before pursuing her B.A. (hons.) Dance at LASALLE, she worked on an Honours Thesis at National University of Singapore that examined how dance has been used as a political tool in Singapore. Valerie has performed in galleries and collaborated with artists from music, visual arts, film, fashion, and media arts. As part of her dissertation at LASALLE, Valerie presented a multi-disciplinary immersive performance that invited audiences to confront their mortality.