24 May 2019 (Fri), 12-4pm
Practice Space, The Theatre Practice
54 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187953

This workshop will look at the relationship between the live body and its mediated image. Working with live cameras, video mixers and interactive software, participants will utilise these tools to create short works of performance. Martyn will introduce and use a small section of a solo that he has been developing for this hands-on exercise with participants. The work - Body Politic - mashes Youtube fan culture, rabid partisan political hackery, pirate radio bunker broadcasting and personal one-to-one video communication into a streaming session that happens simultaneously live and online. In an era of unprecedented division and extremism, Body Politic looks at our relationship with the camera and where that image ends up. Participants are required to use their own laptops in this workshop.

Selected participants are strongly encouraged to attend the ADN Conference 2019 on 25 & 26 May 2019, especially the panel on "Dramaturgy and Technology" on the second day, featuring practitioners Martyn Coutts (Australia), Su Wen-Chi (Taiwan) and Jompet Kuswidananto (Indonesia).

This workshop is suitable for artists who:
  • Create cross-media artwork.
  • Are interested in the media, online culture and the exploration of identity/self. 
  • Are early in or mid-way through their careers.


Registration fee: none

Interested participants are required to send in the following to info@asiandramaturgs.com:

  • A brief introduction of yourself and why you want to participate in this workshop.
  • A brief description of a project you are currently undertaking or plan to undertake, that involves performance and technology. 
  • A curriculum vitae/portfolio.
Deadline: 29 April 2019, 11.59pm
Selected applicants will be notified by email on 10 May 2019.


Martyn Coutts creates public artworks which challenge an audiences understanding of space and place. He uses a multi-platform approach to work - using performance, technology and interactivity - to create specialised dramaturgy that engages and enlightens.  Martyn is a founding member of Field Theory, a nine-year-old artist collective which was named Cultural Leaders in Live Art by the Australia Council in 2012. He was co-project lead for the works The Stadium Broadcast, 9000 Minutes and Final Visions: BunkerHe is a key member of The Unconformity festival’s Artistic Directorate, programming the 2016 and 2018 festivals. He also delivered the two large scale opening events for both festivals The Rumble (2016) and Tectonica (2018) with Ian Pidd. With Sam Routledge he has created 3 works, one of which, I Think I Can, toured to 20 different locations across Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands and Taiwan. Martyn co-directed SAC35 for Salamanca Arts Centre, created Wayfarer with Kate Richards, and 20 Questions for Wheeler Centre with Ian Pidd. In 2019 he will launch the expansive audio app Against The Tide for the Parramatta River in Sydney. Martyn has also worked extensively as a dramaturg, video artist, producer, university lecturer and consultant. Find out more at martyncoutts.com.

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